Innovations Digital Portfolio
Your Innovations portfolio is a collection of your work as an Innovations student. The portfolio will showcase how you have mastered Common Core State Standards and the skills you need to be college and career ready. More than just a folder of your graded papers, your portfolio is a compilation of your development as an Innovations and CVHS student. It will display who you are as a learner.

Portfolio artifacts can be any work that shows your growth and/or mastery of a CCSS or CCR skill. Items can consist of, but are not limited to, tests, research papers, notes, graphic organizers, projects, Prezi’s, essays, creative writing, event programs, posters, Student of the Month awards, narrative reflections, testing data, organizational tools, photos of events or activities that are not available as digital files, etc. While the majority of your evidence should be collected from Innovations classes, you may be able to use evidence from your electives, clubs, and other extracurricular participation.

You will need to collect your evidence on a regular basis. At the end of each marking period, you will have a number of workshop days to determine the classwork and other artifacts that will be included in your portfolio. During this workshop time, you will write both a reflection on how the evidence is showing your growth toward skill mastery and a 25-word abstract (summary statement) for each piece, create a digital link to each artifact, and conference with your peers and teacher.

In January you will have a mid-term review of your portfolio, and in May you will have final review/presentation of your portfolio. The number of artifacts and other requirements for the mid-term and final review will be discussed in class before your review dates.

You may choose to use any digital platform that you are comfortable with (wikispaces, google sites, blog sites, tumblr, etc).